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Summer is definitely a time of barbeques and drinks with friends in the garden. My favourite has got to be a local river by a field which I found a few years ago that we now regularly get a group chat going and organise a summer day with friends and most likely the most summer drink possible, cider.

Nothing beats the taste of a crispy fruity chilled drink such as Rekorderlig cider but when I went vegan some 6 years ago I was disappointed by the lack of premium cider brands that are vegan due to their use of gelatin in the process of making the cider.

Rekorderlig CiderMost people are usually shocked when you tell them that gelatin is in their summer drink of choice. However many brands use this in their drinks including Kopparberg, the gelatin is derived from collagen taken from animal body parts.

It is both translucent and flavorless so very easy to go unnoticed when drinking it unless you read the ingredients closely like many of us vegans do.

Thankfully just in time or summer Rekorderlig cider have revised their manufacturing process to remove gelatin making their tasty summer delights fully vegan and can now be enjoyed by all!

Alcohol is such a cloudy area when it comes to knowing which is and which isn’t suitable for vegans or vegetarians but thankfully there is a saving grace which I use all the time and would recommend to everyone!

Rekorderlig CiderIt’s a website called Barnivore, you simply type in the product name or brand and press search. Many ingredients don’t even show up on some alcohol labels so this website is amazing and so fast! They have over 45,903 entries which have been double or triple checked by the Barnivore community to guarantee that they are definitely vegan.

I typed in Rekorderlig cider and its came straight up in seconds providing me with all the ingredients, which are and which are not vegan as well as letting me know they are gluten free.

Other ingredients that companies often use in the manufacturing process of alcohol are honey and dairy as well, gross.

Rekorderlig CiderWhen filtering drinks prior to them being bottled companies sometimes use isinglass which is from fishes bladders, geltain, sea shells, gelatin and other animal derived materials. These animal products grab hold of impurities in the alcohol and make it much easier for them to catch it in the filters even though there are literally tons of animal free alternatives on the market and in use.

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