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Elephant charges safari car

The African Elephant is incredibly beautiful majestic mammals so when we started to see the headline “Elephants attack safari van” we just had to investigate. As usual the media put a huge spin on what actually happened so we wanted to set the record straight.

The incident happened at the Kruger National Park in South Africa and claim to be “South Africa’s most exciting African safari destination” and I think its safe to say the people on this safari van were anything but bored.

The Kruger National Park spans a huge area as you can see from the map below:

The park offers a range of services from Romantic Safaris to Family Safari Holiday and even Country Lodging and Hotel stays. After doing some digging around their site we found that they have not one but SIX private game reserves within their boundaries. Despite the stunning views around the area and very promotional images the company have used on their website the park seems to have quite a dark past including mass graves from prospectors who lived there in the gold rush times, many executed for crimes that would be considered heinous such as stealing of horses or tents.

The footage seems to show nothing from before the elephant started charging so unfortunately we cannot comment on how the elephant came to charge the safari van but its safe to assume when you’re stalking an animal in its natural habitat instead of leaving them alone these things can happen.

We messaged Kruger National Park to ask them more about the incident which happened however they have not come back with a reply about the incident so we can only assume they do not wish to have this broadcast online in case it sheds the park in a bad light for future customers.

About African Elephants

African Elephant are actually the biggest land mammals on earth, they can grow to anything from 8.2 to 13 feet in height (measured from their shoulder) and can weight between 2.5 and 7 tons. They are usually found in groups called herds and can live up to an astonishing 70 years of age!

These cute herbivores are slightly larger than their Asian cousins, they can be distinguished by their larger ears that look somewhat like the continent of Africa whereas Asian elephants have smaller, rounded ears. In order to keep cool elephants eats radiate a huge amount of heat however sometimes the heat of Africa is too much for them and they love nothing more than going for a dip in a river or lake whenever possible, they then tip water all over themselves and after they come out they spray themselves with a protective coating of dust which acts as a sort of sun block.

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