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Morning Sunshine are purveyors in speciality coffee, based in Warwick, UK they have a range of vegan snack and milks to gear you up for your day ahead. We took a trip down to their new cafe to see for ourselves what the buzz was about and sample some of the amazing food that has got the whole of Warwick talking.

Ran by co-directors and coffee mad enthusiasts Ashley Davis and Myles Hibbs the cafe opened in

The cafe is located on the train station for Warwick Parkway and was build from the ground up (excuse the pun) as part of the train stations new development project for the revamp of the station which had seen better days. Now its a busy commuted station with tons of commuters all happy to see an independent coffee shop doing so well at the station. The cafe focuses on a range of coffees supplied by Union Coffee Roasters and a great selection of teas from Brew Tea co and their offering doesn’t stop there with a range of juices, waters and fizzy drinks too for those of you who aren’t caffeine junkies.

Morning Sunshine have gained local support through their positive engaging approach to sales and their witty chalkboards which they hand write every morning, they can be seen all over their social media as many commuters post them up to their social media tagging Morning Sunshine in the post which is fantastic for their local engagement online.

We wanted to ask Ashley and Myles a few questions regarding their cafe and about veganism to get a cafe owners views on this topic especially surrounding milk, its alternatives and its demand.

Have you seen a rise in the demand for vegan options?

As cafe owners who actively use milk on a daily basis, what do you think about the rise in milk alternatives?

Do you see much demand from customers for vegan options?

Is it harder to make a hot drink with a milk alternative?

Is there more or less profit in milk or milk alternatives for you?

I have to ask it, would you ever consider going vegan?

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