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edinburgh 24

An amazing vegan by the name of Marek Sabadasz is breaking records and showcasing the extent of how much a vegan diet can improve your performance! He recently ran the Edinburgh 24 which is a feat in itself but to come first out of everyone in the event is simply inspirational.

The Edinburgh 24 is as the name suggest a 24-hour loop race which is situated in the iconic Royal Holyrood Park. Over a 24-hour period each contestant or challenger must complete complete as many laps of the mapped out route as they are physically able.

The route at the Royal Holyrood Park spirals below the stunning rocky summit of Arthur’s Seat, this was chosen as the location as course offers a varied elevation profile guaranteed to keep runners on their toes. The event is split into nine different categories allowing contestants of all abilities to take part and challenge themselves in this endurance race of the year.

Each challenger can choose to enter the full 24-hour race, the 12-hour version, or a 6-hour version which is still an incredible amount of time to be running. Challengers can also enter as an individual or a team of four, if you enter as a team of four you have to tag teammates in allowing for some downtime between turns. If you get the change in between turns you can view the breathtaking scenery around you such as Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile and Old Town, and if your eyesight is good enough you may even be able to spot the distant Pentland Hills and Firth of Forth. The heart of the route is the dedicated round-the-clock Edinburgh 24 event village, which has drinks and snacks available and spectators are always encouraged and welcome.

You can view the results for the individual 24 hour marathon here and you can view Marek Sabadasz’s standing results here. We would like to say a huge congratulations to Marek your dedication to training, exercising and veganism is a huge inspiration to us and many others reading this post. You’re showing carnivores and vegans what is possible with the vegan diet and completely any false news about vegans not being able to perform as well as meat eating athletes.

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