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It was announced recently that the Trump administration is recklessly that they are adding new rules to the Endangered Species Act which will weaken the act putting all the animals and plants on the list at risk!

The act which currently protects 1663 species of animal and plants with over 76% of them being considered endangered an on the brink of extinction, not that Trump could care less.

Animals on the endangered list include bears and the bald eagle the US National Emblem, a further 388 animals and plants are listed as threatened including the polar bear.

It was originally signed into law by President Nixon almost 46 years ago in 1973 and is imperative to the survival of many species. It is responsible for the revival of many species too which again includes the bald eagle and grizzly bear both of which are still very much considered endangered.

The new changes by the Trump administration have not gone down too well with one attorney announcing that he was considering filing for a lawsuit in order to challenge the new rules.

The Los Angeles Times has suggested that the new rules are to “make way for building, mining and oil and gas drilling in sensitive areas”.

The act requires that if an animal species or plant is to be named endangered or threatened the decision would have to be made on the basis of scientific criteria as well as being without reference to the decision’s possible economic effects.

The new rules Trump is bringing in will remove this process allowing for a cost-benefit analysis to be considered into the process essentially putting a value on the land as well as a value on the animal species or plant and if the land outweighs the animal species the animal species will be open to harassment or killing.

Whilst some officials suggested that the economic impact would only be considered so that they could have more information before making their decision it definitely seems like a bit of a coincidence.

It has made a lot of industries very happy as they have been complaining for many years about having to make what they call ‘excessive accommodations’ because of this act.

The new rules also remove any special or automatic protection to endangered or threatened species unless there is a rule set up specifically on a species by species basis. Surely this means that the exception has now become the rule?

Activists and advocates from around the world have been speaking out about their fears for the bald eagle because of these new rules. Having to get rules for each species when an industry decided it wants to force them out of land would be both time consuming and leave the service it’s laying out vulnerable to pressures from industry manipulation or bias.

Previously the law has required that when a project is being looked at the potential effects for the foreseeable future have to be taken into account however Trump’s new rules have changed the amount of time is considered a “foreseeable future” in an obvious attempt at trying to weaken the connection to climate change during these decisions.

The risky rules put not only the bald eagle at risk but potentially thousands of other species too. The act was introduced and heavily thought about when it was so that it could protect endangered and threatened species for many years to come but it seems that Trump wants to edit these so that he can manipulate this act to his pleasing.

The natural world is not here to humans abuse, we need to protect all the species of animal and plant within it as well as take responsibility for the change in global warming not ignore it and change the rules set out by previous leaders to protect the planet.

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