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Here at Vegans Worldwide we are obsessed with Oatly! I personally have it on everything, cereal, tea, coffee! I even use their cream for Jam doughnut shots. if you don’t know what they are click here, you wont regret it! just replace the baileys with Oatly cream which you can buy here. Its ingredients include: Oat base (water, oats 10%), rapeseed oil, emulsifier (E472e), stabilizer (E415), salt.

Sorry I got waaaaay sidetracked there! It’s a Friday and my brain is turning to alcohol already, oops!

Who Are Oatly?

Oatly is a Swedish brand who owe their roots to Lund university where the company first created and patented its enzyme technology in the 1990’s. This technology copies natures own process to turn fibrous oats into a liquid form full of nutrients that is perfect for consumption for humans unlike cow juice… blergghhh!

Oatly have a sole purpose which is :

to make it easy for people to turn what they eat and drink into personal moments of healthy joy without recklessly taxing the planet’s resources in the process.

What an amazing brand ethos to have, we commend you Oatly! They have also been responsible for some of the best promotional advertising campaigns the vegan moment has ever seen with slogans such as “we are the post milk generation” and “Its like milk but made for humans”.


Oatly to this day are still very much an independent Swedish company who are dedicated to enlightening people around the world to the powers of oatly and the health benefits that come with it, not to mention the huge benefit to the general well being of the planet.They are tackling this ‘milk generation’ through a lineup of original oat drinks and their fantastic marketing campaigns.

The company proudly operates from the southern region of Sweden with Headquarters in Malmö and they have their Production & Development Center situated in Landskrona, random fact: this is incidentally this is the name of an Ikea furniture collection too!) . The Oatly brand is booming and is now available in more than 20 countries throughout Europe and Asia, so what’re you waiting for get down to your local store and buy as much as you can! It’s delicious! There is no reason to put cows through the horrendous dairy industry processes when brands like this are working really hard to give us cruelty free vegan options like this!

This is how they make their tasty oat drink!

Pardon us if we use technical language for a moment, but we are enthusiastic about our unique manufacturing process! Thanks to the process, we can retain the loose oat fibers (the beta-glucans, as you may know) in our products. In fact, we have a patent on this. We are proud to say with our heads held high.

oatly milling Enzyming oatly


During the first stage of the process, we mix oats with water and mill the soft mixture in our milling room.


In the enzyming tanks, we add natural enzymes that break the oat starch down into smaller components, primarily maltose (also called malt sugar), which sweetens our products naturally.



During the separation, we remove bran, that is to say, the loose shells from the oats. That leaves the loose fibers, the beta-glucans. Now we have our oat base, an excellent source of nutrition. It contains macronutrients from the oats, in other words, protein, fat, and carbohydrates.


We add different ingredients, depending upon the product we are manufacturing. It may be rapeseed oil, calcium and vitamins.



We heat-treat the products prior to packaging – with UHT or pasteurization – to extend the shelf life.


Once the product has been heat-treated, we collect it in the sterile tank before we send it further for packaging.


Some of our products wind up in small packages, others in large packages. When we fill liter size packages, our machines have the capacity to produce 7,500 – 8,000 packages per hour.

If you rewind the clocks back 30 years ago there was no Oatly (we tear up just thinking about it), back then it was just some very nerdy looking researchers at a famous university in a country that if often mistakenly known for polar bears roaming the streets. These nerds were busy on a quest to find out out ways to turn oats into milk by creating a super secret recipe that they guarded with their lives! They came up with a process to keep the beta-glucans ( nerd slang for soluble fiber) intact as this would allow Oatly to make all kinds of tasty oat drinks and oatcreams and oat spreads and a barista edition oat drink.

We don’t know anything about almonds or soy or cows. All we know is oats. How to grow them, harvest them and turn them into refreshing products that you can take home and treat your body to.

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