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Despite how popular the chicken restaurant is their customers don’t know much about where they source their food.

So a little bit of background info, there are over 340 Nando’s stores in the UK which makes up a third of the worlds total Nando’s stores with the first one ever being in Rosettenville, South Africa as this is where the company was founded.

pecking orderThe company boasts the ‘cheeky Nandos’ generation which is a following of people comparable to a cult who like to chant “Nando’s with the lads” as well as taking their girlfriends pleads for a date night as “let’s go to Nando’s”.

The first time I ever heard about the restaurant chain was around 8 years ago when I saw a video on Youtube titled “Nandos Skank” in which Example and Ed Sheeran sing a freestyle tribute to Nando’s.

Example and Ed Sheeran are owners of Black cards which allow them to eat whatever they want any time they want at any Nando’s store.

Whilst a lot of people like the chicken restaurant praising it for its spicy offerings many of them are blissfully unaware of their welfare standards for their chickens which are some of the lowest out of any fast-food chain.

The World Animal Protection did a study in which they talked to Nando’s ‘fans’ asking them a range of questions about the chain and the results are rather disturbing.

pecking order

Over a third of Nando’s customers believe that the fast-food chain has the highest welfare policies compares to others such as Pizza Hut, Mc Donalds and KFC. The reality is that they actually rank amongst the lowest.

A report called the ‘Pecking Order’ was done to find out what if anything companies are doing to improve the lives of their chickens despite the millions of pounds that these poor innocent birds are making them every single year.

Approximately 40 billion chickens around the world live in crammed sheds where the law states that they only need a space the size of an A4 piece of paper to live.

pecking order

Many live the entirety of their short lives in pain due to growing too fast and not being looked after.

The ‘Pecking Order’ report assessed fast-food chains against three criteria:

Firstly they looked at their policies currently in place for protecting the welfare of their chickens, secondly, they looked at the companies targets, specifically when the company says it will take action to improve the chicken’s lives and third they looked at how each company reports this progress to the public.

For each section; Policies, Targets and Reporting they were given a score from Failing to Very Good.

Obviously, Nando’s results came back as very poor with the report stating that Nando’s has not made robust commitments to improving the lives of any of the chickens in their sheds.

The fast-food chain also has only had targets in a few of the countries it operates and in the countries that it does they are very limited targets.

Nando’s also publishes extremely limited data on the progression of these welfare policies.

Because of this extremely low scoring, the WAP is petitioning to get Nando’s to make a change for chickens.

As part of this petition, they are asking Nando’s to stop using their fast-growing chicken breeds to lower the rate to a more natural one which would avoid unnecessary suffering of the birds as well as reducing health risks.

Secondly, they are asking to introduce lower stocking densities which would allow the birds more space to grow and move whilst they are growing.

They recently petitioned against KFC who also scored extremely low on their ‘Pecking Order’ and managed to gain over 500,000 signatures to which KFC committed to improving the welfare of its chickens in the UK and European countries.

This leaves Nando’s as one of the only low scoring fast food chains still to not undertake any changes to improve the quality of life of its birds and we want this to change.

It’s not ‘cheeky’ it’s cruel!

pecking order

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