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Thanks to the ever-growing market of vegan food and drinks it’s becoming a lot more available for companies to release vegan products to give customers more options when eating out.

Fast food chains like Burger King, KFC, Subway and even McDonalds now offer vegan options to customers around the globe.

Supermarket chains are now designating sections in their store to just purely vegan products with some people opening entirely vegan stores meaning no more reading the labels to see if there are any animal-derived products hidden in the ingredients.

I recently went to Alton Towers in the United Kingdom which is a theme park featuring rides such as Oblivion, Nemesis, Rita and the infamous Smiler which hit headlines when two carts crashed into each other.

When I was there I noticed that their fast-food stalls which are placed all around the park didn’t offer any options to vegans apart from chips, which I didn’t try in case they were cooked in the same oil as meat products.

The only place that did seem to offer any kind of vegan option was their RollerCoaster Restaurant in which your food goes on a little rollercoaster of its own on its way to your table before finally spiralling down to you.

They only had a salad and a few Quorn options however as many of you may know there are two Quorn options one with egg and one without however most places seem to get the one with egg for no apparent reason as it’s not needed clearly otherwise they wouldn’t have a vegan one.

Another example of animal products within food where it’s not needed.

Snacks with Character

One park who is ahead of the game is Walt Disney World Resort who have listened to requests for vegan options in their resort and park by launching their very own snacks range called “Snacks with Character”.

In an article on the Disney Parks blog Steven Miller who is the Communications Manager announced the launch which includes 11 new options such as cookies, chocolate bars and a seed and fruit mix.

The snacks are described as better-for-you snacks perfect for people with dietry requirements, allergies or lifestyle choices.

Steven Miller talked to Patrice Guy who is the Disney Theme Park Merchandise merchandiser who said “We listened to guests who said they wanted options when it comes to snacks at Disney Parks,” explained Patrice.”

They both also explained that the snacks are not only tasty but great to share with your friends and family whilst going around their parks.

In order to create these fantastic options, the team at Disney Theme Park Merchandise collaborated with a number of suppliers including:

The new snacks that will be available in their theme parks, cruises, spa’s and Walt Disney World.

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