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You’ve probably heard the release of the new Burger King Impossible Whopper burger which claims to be 100% whopper, 0% beef.

It features a flame grilled patty which is made entirely of plants with pickles, tomatoes onion and lettuce in a sesame seed bun. The Burger is made using Impossible Foods plant-based burger in a partnership which was set to rock he world of fast food.

I’ve seen many people online making videos or even taking photos of them trying this burger at Burger King stores across the US however they may be feeling mislead after reading this article.

After looking at the nutritional information for the new burger we came across a piece of information in very small print on their website.

*Flame-grilled in the same broiler used for beef and chicken.

That’s right, Burger King have announced on their website in very very small writing that it is actually cooked on the same broiler as beef and chicken meaning that meat juices could come into contact with the burger when it is being cooked.

One former employee took to Twitter to try and inform others that the burger is cooked this way as clearly Burger King weren’t interested in letting people know this due to it being nonexistent in all of their marketing for the burger.

The former employee decided he would let vegans know before purchasing the burger saying “As a former employee I hope u use the veggie track on the broiler because at times @BurgerKing we used any slot which made veggie burgers get soaked with meat juices.

The burger isn’t listed as Vegetarian either and is instead called ‘0% beef’ as well as ‘made from plants’.

Their current Twitter header which we have put below also does not state that the burger is either vegetarian, vegan or cooked on the same broiler as the meat.

We decided to message Burger king on Twitter about their Burger Kings impossible whopper to let them know and to ask why saying “Your twitter header showcases the new impossible whopper with a very very very small terms & conditions at the bottom but it does not state that it is cooked on the same broiler as meat. Why is this? Do you not think this is very misleading to all your vegetarian and vegan customers?”

We have not currently received a reply from Burger King.

Vegan and vegetarians of Twitter are clearly confused with one Twitter user saying “As a vegetarian, I really appreciate this inclusiveness” to which people have replied to tell her its not vegan nor vegetarian as she is supposing.

We found thousands of tweets the same as this, it seems Burger Kings impossible whopper has managed to confuse all their vegetarian and vegan customers with many people believing they have been tricked by the fast food company into trying the burger.

A spokesperson for Burger King told Metro that they are “actively looking into solutions” to see how they can change it for the future.

Reports have come out since writing this article that you can have this burger cooked in either the oven or microwave if requested which would make it “vegan” but this is still not vegan due to Impossible Foods testing this burger on 188 rats by feeding it to them and then killing them and dissecting them. You can view the full report on the Independent website and we will be doing a blog post about it shortly!

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