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The appalling footage which was uploaded by the Youtuber accidentally to her channel after uploading the un-cut version of the footage shows her shoving, hitting, pinning down and spitting on her dog.

Brooke Houts who currently has 334,000 followers on her Youtube channel makes video content for her subscribers on a weekly basis. She posted a video in 2016 titles “Vegan eats meat” in which she claims she had been vegan for over a year and a half however we are unsure if she still is vegan.

She has a number of pointless click bait style videos which include “Kissing my Ex-boyfriend” and “My Bestfriend turned Psycho” aimed at getting you to click on the video and then see its not what it said and click off but I’m sure she has her view then so she probably doesn’t care.

After taking a look at her subscriber count over the last few days its safe to say the Youtube are not tolerant of people like Brooke with her having lost 1,463 subscribers today alone!

Since the footage has come out thousands of people have taken to Youtube, Twitter and Instagram to tell her what they think of her actions and show that their hearts go out for this poor animal as does ours.

Peta also commented on the issue with a tweet asking Youtube to remove her from their platform.

She states that she was simply trying to prank her dog by wrapping clingfilm around the door and calling her dog into the room which is a horrible thing to do anyway and could easily cause injury to the dog.

The doberman called Sphinx jumps up at her like an excited dog would and she hits it on the head.

Brooke Houts has been reported to Los Angeles Police Departments Animal Cruelty Unit and they have launched a full investigation into the video and the dogs welfare.

Brooke has since removed the original version, posted the edited version and then removed the edited version as well.

A spokesperson from LAPD said the following

We received several direct messages related to a YouTube video which people believe shows animal abuse.

On Tuesday Brooke decided to post to her Twitter account a very long reply to the comments and responses she has been getting since the video.

In this reply she states that she is not a bad person but anything she says isn’t going to make people believe her. She then decides she wants to address the clips in the uncut video as if to try and defend her actions.

She decides to then play the victim card by saying that things in her life aren’t going well at the moment and that its no excuse but we’re confused why she decided to mention it if she didn’t want to play the victim card?!

She says that she only yells at her dog and she’s fully aware she should not have done that however she refuses to admit that she spat on her dog and also states that “I do as a dog parent have to show him that this behaviour is unacceptable”.

We agree that being a dog parent is a big responsibility especially with such a big dog however you do not train your dog by hitting and spitting on him!

Brooke Houts goes on to say that her dog was in no way shape or form hurt by any of her actions which we cannot agree with.



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