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Goldsmiths which is a constituent college of the University of London has taken a big step in banning beef from its campus in a huge bid to be carbon neutral by 2025. Goldsmiths is a public research university based London which specialises in the arts, design, humanities, and social sciences.

As many of you will know beef is the biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions which is due to the large amounts of methane the gentle giants produce with their very gassy stomachs.

In a recent article by the UN they pleaded for a reduction in the amount of cows and lambs that the public eat in order to fight climate change, this was backed up by the CCC who agree that the number of cattle consumed has to be reduced if we stand a chance at fighting climate change.

From the beginning of September Goldsmiths have promised to remove all beef from their menus throughout their cafes and campus shops but they haven’t stopped there.

The London University is introducing a strip 10p price tag onto bottles of water and single use plastic cups in order to discourage new and existing student from using them. They are also installing more solar panels to generate power to the university and switching their energy supplier to a ‘clean’ supplier although it has not been state who this.

This has all been introduced by the new Professor, Frances Corner who said that the call to arms for the fight against climate change was “impossible to ignore”. Even though he has just arrived at the university he has made drastic changes to reduce their carbon footprint and is determined to “deliver the step change we need”.

Students at the university are now offered the chance to study climate change as well as their degree which will help to inform students and young adults about the importance of reducing our waste, lowering emissions and looking after our planet.

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